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[Folk/Instrumental] VA - One With Nature (In A Valley At The Foot Of The Great Wall) (2013) [WAV]

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VA - One With Nature (In A Valley At The Foot Of The Great Wall)
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专辑名称:天人合一 Thiên Nhân Hợp Nhất

古琴 Guqin:赵晓霞 Zhao Xiao Xia
琵琶 Pipa:于源春 Yu Yuan Chun
笛箫 Di Xiao:李娟 Li Juan
古筝 Guzheng:苏畅 Su Chang
二胡 Erhu:马可 Ma Ke
鼓 Percussion:马瑞 Ma Rui

01.欸乃 - 古琴 The Sound Of Oars In The Water (Guqin) 6:17
02.平沙落雁 - 古琴 Bình Sa Lạc Nhạn
Wild Geese Landing On The Beach (Guqin & Xiao) 6:28
03.茉莉芬芳 - 古筝 Mạt Lị Phân Phương
The Scent Of Jasmine Flowers (Guzheng) 6:22
04.妆台秋思 - 笛/古筝 Trang Đài Thu Tư
Autumn Musings At The Makeup Table (Di & Guzheng) 6:41
05.大浪淘沙 - 琵琶 Đại Lãng Đào Sa
Waves Crashing On The Shore (Pipa) 5;25
06.牛斗虎 - 鼓 Ngưu Đẩu Hổ
Bull And Tiger (Percussion) 4:58
07.江南春色 - 二胡 Giang Nam Xuân Sắc
The Spring Scenery Of Jiang Nan (Erhu) 5:46
08.天山之春 - 琵琶 Thiên San Chi Xuân
Spring On The Heavenly Mountain (Pipa) 3:26
09.蕉窗夜雨 - 古筝 Tiêu Song Dạ Vũ
Night Rain On The Leaves Of The Banana Tree (Guzheng) 5:12
10.江河水 - 二胡 Giang Hà Thủy
The Waters Of The River (Erhu & Yangqin) 7:04
11.离骚 - 古琴 Li Tao
Encountering Sorrow (Guqin) 5:18
12.春江花月夜 - 琵琶/古筝/箫 Xuân Giang Hoa Nguyệt Dạ
Moonlight Over The Flowery River In The Spring (Guzheng, Pipa & Xiao) 5:51

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