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[Guzheng] Wang Xun & Yan Ai-hua - Mirror Of Winter (掬水 Cúc Thủy) (2003) [APE]

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Wang Xun & Yan Ai-hua - Mirror Of Winter (掬水 Cúc Thủy)
| APE+CUE | 352 MB | Guzheng/Buddhist/Instrumental | 2003 |
This guzheng rhythm is penetrating daily trivialities to the real you. Mixed with New Age synthesizer and Nature's spirit, the unique Chinese string instrument shows a new style that will transport you to a celestial world. Like an Aquarian spring these melodies will cleanse you inside out. Like the Moon in the water, the music will mirror the beauty in your heart.

专辑中文名: 宗教音乐馆-佛曲古筝礼赞系列-掬水
古筝演奏: 王珣 & 阎爱华
製作人 : 王森地 Wang Sheng-di
发行时间: 2003年07月30日

1.云水禪心 (选自「云水禪心」) Vân Thủy Thiện Tâm
Free Flowing Meditation Spirit (from Zen Rhythm)
2.步步清风 (选自「步步清风」) Bộ Bộ Thanh Phong
Breeze with Joyous Whispers (from Breeze with Joyous Whispers)
3.柳色新 (选自「照人清凉」) Liễu Sắc Tân
Freshness (from Enlightenment)
4.雪山寺景 (选自「画水莲华」) Tuyết San Tự Cảnh
The Scenery of the Snowed Mountain Temple (from Crystal Lotus)
5.夏有凉风 (选自「如来一叶」) Hạ Hữu Lương Phong
Cool Breeze in Summer (from Return to Originality)
6.渔舟唱晚 (选自「如来一叶」) Ngư Chu Xướng Vãn
Evening Song From the Fishing Boat (from Return to Originality)
7.深山禪林 (选自「云水禪心」) Thâm San Thiện Lâm
Monastery in the Mountain (from Zen Rhythm)
8.且吟春踪 (选自「水清月现」) Thả Ngâm Xuân Tung
Reciting the Coming of Spring (from Purity)

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Wang Xun & Yan Ai-hua - Mirror Of Winter (掬水) (2003) [APE]
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