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[Erhu] Yang Si-xiong (楊斯雄) - The Overtones (弦外之音) (2012) [WAV]

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Yang Si-xiong - The Overtones (弦外之音) (2012)
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专辑中文名:心灵乐赏系列 弦外之音
唱片公司:亞洲唱片 Asia Records/Taiwan

製作人 Producer:周志宏 Zhou Zhihong
作曲:黃玟瑛 周志宏 Huang Minying, Zhou Zhihong
編曲、MIDI、錄音工程:周志宏 Zhou Zhihong
二胡 Erhu、中胡 Zhonghu、高胡 Gaohu:楊斯雄 Yang Si-xiong
笛子 Dizi、葫蘆絲 Hulusi:羅啓瑞 Luo Qirui
吉他 Guitar:杜俊輝 Du Junhui
貝斯 Bass:洪啓峰 Hong Qifeng

01 - 雨夜弄弦 Plucking The Strings On A Rainy Night
Vũ Dạ Lộng Huyền
02 - 只是在夢中 But In A Dream
Chỉ Thị Tại Mộng Trung
03 - 樂舞 Dancing At The Music
Nhạc Vũ
04 - 坐看雲起 At Onlooker At The Surging Clouds
Tọa Khán Vân Khởi
05 - 悠然心海 A Carefree Mind
Du Nhiên Tâm Hải
06 - 弦外之音 The Overtones
Huyền Ngoại Chi Âm
07 - 琴閒 The Leisure Of Er-Hu
Cầm Nhàn
08 - 心靈靜鄉 A Tranquil Conner Of The Mind
Tâm Linh Tĩnh Hướng
09 - 雲霧山水 Foggy Mountains And Waters
Vân Vụ Sơn Thủy
10 - 一壺真情 The Real Sentiment Implied In A Pot Of Tea
Nhất Hồ Chân Tình
11 - 琴韻撫心弦 A Melody Tugging At My Heartstrings
Cầm Vận Phủ Tâm Huyền
12 - 天光雲影 Swift Clouds Against Daylight
Thiên Quang Vân Ảnh

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