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[Classical] David Oistrakh - The Golden Violin (金色小提琴) (2016) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Jul 10, 2016 with 0 Comments
David Oistrakh - The Golden Violin (金色小提琴) (2016)
| WAV+CUE | 425MB | Classical, Instrumental | Label: ABC Records | Covers |
David Oistrakh is widely recognized as one of the most outstanding violinists of the 20th century. Besides his extraordinary technical skills, his most remarkable trait was his ability to faithfully reproduce the works of different composers from various historical periods. Oistrakh's large, strong hands helped him avoid a rough tone, while his fingers applied the minimal necessary pressure on the fingerboard, allowing for smooth transitions that turned potential errors into elegant movements. His vibrato started moderately slow, then beautifully and delicately unfolded, creating a lasting resonance without relying on the popular continuous vibrato technique. Oistrakh also used a shoulder rest to provide additional support for his left arm and insisted on preserving the natural resonance of his violin.

David Oistrakh was known for his sincere and warm personality, maintaining close friendships with many prominent musicians of his time. He demanded from himself and his students a balance between technical proficiency, interpretation, and emotional expression, regardless of the specific style. Oistrakh believed that the essence of a violinist lies in the skillful and delicate use of the bow to convey the music, rather than relying on exaggerated vibrato. To this end, he developed a very relaxed and flexible right-arm technique, capable of expressing the subtlest emotional nuances while also producing great volume and penetration. When listening to Oistrakh's performances, especially studio recordings, it is the overall presentation that leaves the most lasting impression, rather than the emotional resonance of any single moment.

唱片公司:ABC Records (ABC唱片)

01 - Habanera Op.21 哈巴涅拉 ...4:21
02 - Liebesfreud 爱之喜 ...2:04
03 - Humoresque Op.101 No.7 幽默曲 ...3:51
04 - On Wings of Song Op.34 No.2 乘着歌声的翅膀 ...3:38
05 - Hora Staccato 霍拉舞曲 ...2:15
06 - Mélodie in E flat major Op.42 No.3 旋律 ...3:33
07 - Caprice Viennois Op.2 维也纳随想曲 ...3:29
08 - Salut d' Amour Op.12 爱的礼赞 ...2:49
09 - Poupée Valsante 跳舞的洋娃娃 ...2:29
10 - Rondino on a theme by Beethoven 贝多芬主题小回旋曲 ...3:17
11 - La Cinquantaine 金婚式 ...4:15
12 - Sicilienne 西西里舞曲 ...3:17
13 - Méditation de Thaïs 泰伊丝冥想曲 ...4:34
14 - Cantabile in D major Op.17 如歌的D大调 ...3:52
15 - Liebesleid 爱之悲 ...4:20
16 - Valse sentimentale in F minor Op.51 No.6 感伤圆舞曲 ...2:30
17 - Songs my Mother taught me Op.55 No.4 母亲教我的歌 ...4:14
18 - Air on G string G弦上的咏叹调 ...6:08

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