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[Haegeum, Korean Erhu] Shin Nalsae (신날새) - Seasons Of Nostalgia (2018) [FLAC]

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Shin Nalsae (신날새) - Seasons Of Nostalgia (2018)
| FLAC (Tracks+Cue) | 583MB | Easy Listening, Haegeum, Instrumental | Huks Music |
The haegeum (Hangul: 해금) is a traditional Korean string instrument, resembling a fiddle. It has a rodlike neck, a hollow wooden soundbox, and two silk strings, and is held vertically on the knee of the performer and played with a bow.

The haegeum is one of the most widely used instruments in Korean music. The haegeum is used in court music as well as madangnori (ordinary people's music). The haegeum's range of expression is various despite having only two strings, with sounds ranging from sorrowful and sad to humorous. The haegeum is made using eight materials: metal, stone, silk, bamboo, gourd, clay, hide, and wood, and so it is called paleum (eight sounds). (Wikipedia)

01 - Farewell 이별 ...03:49
02 - Song From A Secret Garden ...03:42
03 - Spring In My Hometown 고향의봄 ...05:04
04 - A Little Moon 반달 ...03:14
05 - Bongseonhwa 봉선화 ...05:00
06 - Cinema Paradiso - Love Theme ...02:52
07 - Salley Gardens ...02:49
08 - Dust In The Wind ...03:33
09 - Flower 당신을 향해 피는 꽃 ...03:49
10 - Forever ...02:56
11 - The Spring Of Hometown 고향의봄 ...05:04
12 - Baby Brier 찔레꽃 ...03:23
13 - Cavatina ...04:06
14 - What A Wonderful World ...02:26
15 - Hey Mom Hey Sis 엄마야 누나야 ...03:52
16 - Jeg Ser Deg Sote Ram ...02:33
17 - I'll Wait For You ...04:32
18 - Sunshine 햇살이 다시 내게 ...02:36
19 - Garden Balsam 봉선화 ...05:00
20 - Solitude ...03:03
21 - Serenade ...04:45
22 - 토지 ...03:09
23 - Beloved ...03:26
24 - One Fine Spring Day ...02:50
25 - 너를 처음 본 그 해 봄날 ...03:28
26 - 제비꽃 (Instrumental) ...03:09
27 - 제비꽃 (Vocal) ...04:54
28 - 찔레꽃 (Instrumental) ...03:20
29 - 찔레꽃 (Vocal) ...03:17
30 - 화풍병 (花.風.病) ...03:23

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