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[Guzheng] Chang Jing (常静) - Beautiful Woman Zheng (筝美人) (2008) [WAV]

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Chang Jing (常静) - Beautiful Woman Zheng (筝美人)
Thường Tĩnh - Kì Di Quả Hệ Liệt - Tranh Mỹ Nhân
| WAV+CUE | 337 MB | Guzheng/Instrumental | 2008 |


古筝演奏 Guzheng:常静 Chang Jing
笛子/箫/尺八 Dizi/Xiao/Chiba:张维良 Zhang Wei Liang
巴乌 Bawu:吴彤 Wu Tong
长笛 Flute:杨乐 Yang Le
吉他 Guitar:龙隆 Long Long
贝司 Beisi:浩坤 Hao Kun
小号 Xiaohao:文智勇 Wen Zhi Yong
小提琴 Violin:梁大南 Liang Da Nan
大提琴 Cello:孙小琪 Sun Xiao Qi
和声 Vocal:黑鸭子 Hei Ya Zi

01.雨树 (Rain Tree)
02.夜来香 (Tuberose)
03.骑竹马 (Riding)
04.美人 (Beauties)
05.婉约 (Subtle)
06.红腰带 (Red Belt)
07.暗香 (Subtle Fragrance)
08.花为媒 (Spent For The Media)
09.飘 (Gone With The Wind)
10.空 (Empty)

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