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[Folk, Instrumental] Various Artists - Yi Dian Si Nian (一点思念) (2020) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Jul 11, 2021 with 0 Comments
Various Artists - Yi Dian Si Nian (一点思念)
| WAV+CUE | 408MB | Folk, Instrumental | Covers Included | 2020 |
The album features the most representative traditional Chinese instruments: the guqin, pipa, zheng, erhu, flute, and xiao. Presented in pure solo form, it aims to showcase the true essence of Chinese folk music. Among the over ten tracks, you can hear timeless traditional pieces like "Moonlight Over The Flowery River In The Spring" and witness contemporary compositions such as "Spring Dawn on the Snow Mountain." You can appreciate the refined elegance of scholarly music in pieces like "Flowing Water" and "Three Variations On The Plum Blossom Theme," as well as enjoy folk tunes full of life and character like "Ancient Melody of Yingzhou" and "Birdsong in the Empty Mountains."

The impeccable sound quality compresses these vivid melodies into a single small disc. This recording was made in the studio of the National Centre for the Performing Arts. A set of legendary microphones was used to capture the full and delicate sound as naturally as possible. The most advanced recording technology available today achieved the highest sampling rates, resulting in sound quality that closely approximates the realism of analog recordings while offering the clarity and precision of digital recording.

This cutting-edge recording technology conveys the spirit of traditional Chinese folk music, providing listeners with an unprecedented auditory experience.

专辑名称:一点思念 (MQA头版限量编号24K金碟)

01 - 蘇暢 - Moonlight Over The Flowery River In The Spring《春江花月夜》箏 ...7:19
02 - 王穎 - Song of Birds in a desolated mountain 《空山鳥語》二胡 ...3:30
03 - 蘭維薇 - Three Pieces from An Ancient Melody Of Yingzhou I《瀛洲古調》之《蜻蜓點水》琵琶 ...1:50
04 - 蘭維薇 - Three Pieces from An Ancient Melody Of Yingzhou II《瀛洲古調》之《小月兒高》琵琶 ...2:32
05 - 蘭維薇 - Three Pieces from An Ancient Melody Of Yingzhou III《瀛洲古調》之《雀躍歸巢》琵琶 ...1:23
06 - 張瑩瑩 - The Partridges Fly《鷓鴣飛》笛子 ...8:33
07 - 趙曉霞 - Flowing Water《流水》古琴 ...7:06
08 - 蘇暢 - Spring Dawn on the Snow Mountain《雪山春曉》箏 ...4:48
09 - 王穎 - Moon's Reflection On ErQuan《二泉映月》二胡 ...7:15
10 - 張瑩瑩 - Autumn Recollections《妝臺秋思》簫 ...5:21
11 - 趙曉霞 - Three Variations On The Plum Blossom Theme《梅花三弄》古琴 ...8:13
12 - 蘭維薇 - Night Poem《虛籟》琵琶 ...6:35

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