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[Xiao/Dizi] Chen Yue & Lars Hannibal - Spirits - East Meets West (2008) [APE]

Posted by Trung Tue on Jan 16, 2009 with 0 Comments
Chen Yue & Lars Hannibal - Spirits - East Meets West
| APE+CUE | 222 MB | Bamboo Flute/Instrumental | 2008 |

专辑中文名: 精神 东西方的碰撞
艺术家: 陈悦
发行时间: 2008年06月18日

01 茉莉花 (中国民歌)
Jasmine Flowers (Traditional Chinese)
02 夏日里最后一朵玫瑰 (英国民谣)
The Last Rose of Summer (Traditional English)
03 梅花三弄 (古曲)
Three Variations on Plum Blossom (Traditional Chinese)
04 G弦上的咏叹调 (巴赫)
Air (Johann Sebastian Bach)
05 良宵 (刘天华-张维良)
Wonderful Night (Liu Tianhua-Zhang Weiliang)
06 圣母之子 (加泰罗尼亚民谣)
Ei Noi de la Mare (Traditional Catalan)
07 又见炊烟 (中国歌曲)
Autumn Piece (Traditional Chinese)
08 幽林深处 (丹麦民谣)
In the Deep Calm Forest (Traditional Danish)
09 金丝线 (加泰罗尼亚民谣)
La Filadora (Traditional Catalan)
10 吉普赛之歌 (匈牙利民谣)
Gypsy Air (Traditional Hungarian)
11 苏武牧羊 (中国民谣)
Suwu tending Sheep (Traditional Chinese)
12 莎莉花园 (爱尔兰民谣)
Down by the Sally Gardens (Traditional Enghlish)
13 爱情华尔兹 (雷曼)
Love Waltz (Ulrik Neumann)
14 鬲溪梅令 (古曲)
Ge Xi Mei Ling (Antic Chinese)
15 相信我 (英语歌曲)
Believe Me (Traditional English)
16 日本民谣
Oyoodai (Mongolian Folk Song)
17 《四季》之冬 慢板 (维瓦尔蒂)
Largo from "Winter" (Antonio Vivaldi)
18 春江花月夜 (古曲)
Moonlight Over the Spring Rigver (Traditional Chinese)

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