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[New Age/Natural Sound] Wu Judy Chin-tai & Xu Qing-yuan - Earth Show - The Forest Show (2003) [APE]

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Wu Judy Chin-tai & Xu Qing-yuan - Earth Show - The Forest Show
| APE+CUE | 393 MB | New Age/Natural Sound | Instrumental | 2003 |
Listen with your heart, breath with your ear, for this is the 100% forest. Hilarious, lyrical and sometimes elegiac, here 100 subtropical creatures sing out their passion in colorful melody. Here the creatures' sounds are not just sounds, but function exactly as instruments with fantastic editing; the music is not just music, but an organic symbiosis with nature's rhythm. Let the forest embrace you. Let its 100% love be with you.

专辑中文名: 听见大自然系列 森林狂想曲
艺术家: 吳金黛、徐清原
发行时间: 2003年

1 森林狂想曲 Elves of Night
Sâm Lâm Cuồng Tưởng Khúc
2 野鸟情歌 Sky of a Thousand Wings
Dã Điểu Tình Ca
3 雾 The Mist
4 牧神的夜宴 A Night Banquet with Pan
Mục Thần Đích Dạ Yến
5 春天的歌 Spring Glamour
Xuân Thiên Đích Ca
6 我的海洋 My Ocean
Ngã Đích Hải Dương
7 半岛随想 Southern Island Fantasy
Bán Đảo Tùy Tưởng
8 雾中天池 Lake in the Mist
Vụ Trung Thiên Trì
9 野性的呼唤 The Calling of the Wild
Dã Tính Đích Hô Hoán
10 向晚 Night Falling
Hướng Vãn
11 夜的精灵 Moonlight Festival
Dạ Đích Tinh Linh
12 蛙蛙快乐颂 Ode of Joy
Oa Oa Khoái Lạc Tụng
13 梦 Dreams of Night Spirits
14 晨鸟之歌 Internet of Birds
Thần Điểu Chi Ca
15 银色山岗 Gentle Slope
Ngân Sắc Sơn Cương

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