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[Guzheng] Wang Lien (王聯) - Chinese Zither (王联古筝发烧名曲) (1998) (2CD) [WAV]

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Wang Lien (王聯) - Chinese Zither (王联古筝发烧名曲) (1998) (2CD)
| WAV+CUE | 575MB | Guzheng, Folk, Instrumental | Wind Music Records |
This CD features the representative repertoires of the guzheng solos. All major schools, the Chaozhou, Shandong, Zejiang, Henan, and Hakka, are included. In this display of their brilliant techniques, no part of the guzheng's (Chinese long zither) gracefulness and exquisiteness is left unrevealed. The recording was made by the masterly Kavichandran Alexander in a century-old church in California; the life of an ancient oriental instrument seems to be rekindled in this western holy ground. Believed by the Chinese to be a most spiritual instrument, the guzheng will certainly bring you beyond a transcendental sphere. The resounding echoes you will hear in this CD will also linger.

With her usual masterly skills, WANG Lien gives vivid interpretations to the various pieces that require a diverse display of her control of this exuberant instrument. One would be especially impressed by her performance in the 'On the Bank of Yili River' in which a Chinese frontier lifestyle is handsomely portrayed. Listen for yourself to see how this wonderful master handles nuances of emotions with this wonderful Chinese instrument.

专辑名称:夸父音乐系列 - 王联古筝发烧名曲2CD
专辑艺人:王聯 (古箏)
製作人 : 王森地
C D 编号:SCD-1012 / SCD-1013
發行日期 :1998年

Wang Lien (王聯) - The Lotus That Stands Out (出水筝) (1998)
01 - 出水莲 The Lotus That Stands Out ...4:07
Xuất Thủy Liên
02 - 高山流水 High Mountain And Floating Water ...5:56
Cao Sơn Lưu Thủy
03 - 美女思乡 A Nostalgic Lady ...4:15
Mỹ Nữ Tư Hương
04 - 汉宫秋月 Autumn Moon Shining In The Palace ...5:52
Hán Cung Thu Nguyệt
05 - 三潭印月 Moon On The Lake ...4:38
Tam Đàm Ấn Nguyệt
06 - 三宝佛 Three-Treasure Buddha ...7:16
Tam Bảo Phật
07 - 寒鸦戏水 Autumn Ducks At Play ...6:56
Hàn Nha Hí Thủy
08 - 上楼 A Flight Of Stairs ...5:25
Thượng Lâu
09 - 寄生草 Parasitic Grass ...3:44
Kí Sinh Thảo
10 - 怨红 The Sorrow Of Women ...3:56
Oán Hồng

Wang Lien (王聯) - On The Bank Of Yili River (戲箏) (1998)
01 - 伊犁河畔 On The Bank Of Yili River ...7:16
Y Lê Hà Bạn
02 - 秦桑曲 The Mulberry Of Qin ...5:17
Tần Tang Khúc
03 - 黄鹤楼 The Tower Of Yellow Cranes ...6:43
Hoàng Hạc Lâu
04 - 竹林秋月 The Autumn Moon In The Bamboo Woods ...4:07
Trúc Lâm Thu Nguyệt
05 - 渔舟唱晚 Ferries In The Setting Sun ...4:45
Ngư Chu Xướng Vãn
06 - 苏武牧羊 Goat-Herding In The Northern Wilderness ...6:54
Tô Vũ Mục Dương
07 - 平湖秋月 Autumn Moon On A Placid Lake ...6:22
Bình Hồ Thu Nguyệt
08 - 锦上花 The Flowers On The Wreath ...2:46
Cẩm Thượng Hoa

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