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[New Age] Wang Xu-dong - Music For Beauty (健康美容音乐系列) (1996-1997) (4CD) [APE]

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Wang Xu-dong - Music For Beauty (健康美容音乐系列) (1996-1997) (4CD)
| APE+CUE | 0.98GB | New Age, Instrumental | Wind Music Records |
Beautiful music can release a physic energy that will positively affect your skin, by strengthening the contraction and dilation of blood capillaries, improving the circulatory system, and speeding the process of metabolism. Furthermore, the sonic wave can stimulate the brain, excite the nervous system to produce needed hormones, and adjust the blood circulation.

TCD-3142 - Music For Beauty - Day (水芙蓉) (1996)
Guided by the famous doctor of Chinese medicine, Mr. Wang Xu-dong, Music for Beauty--Day is based on scientific studies. Its music is composed for the purpose of achieving a beneficial effect on your body and mind. The ensemble of Chinese musical instruments produces the music that can give an amazing and heartfelt change in you.
01 第一段 Section I 25:15
02 第二段 Section II 25:38

TCD-3143 - Music For Beauty - Night (颜如玉) (1996)
A good mood is the key to beauty. Guided by the famous doctor of Chinese medicine, Mr. Wang Xu-dong, Music for Beauty--Night is based on scientific studies aimed at achieving a beneficial effect on your body and mind. Elegant classical Western music helps your mind recover from daytime pressures. Before you go to sleep, let your body feel the rhythm of music, and fully enjoy a time of peace and tranquility.
01 第一段 Section I 27:56
02 第二段 Section II 25:28

TCD-3161 - Music For Beauty - Spring & Summer (春夏之美) (1997) 
It has been demonstrated to have the potential and power to heal. It can make one more beautiful, too. Included in this album is our efforts to bring you the natural way for your skin-care. As the wisdom of Chinese medicine has taught, the yang (male forces) of the body works at its peak in spring and summer. Keep your body in balance by nourishing the yin (female forces). Achieve beautification according to the natural rhythm by which all things grow. You will learn that beauty comes actually from within.
01 第一段 Section I 24:59
02 第二段 Section II 25:09

TCD-3162 - Music For Beauty - Autumn & Winter (秋冬之美) (1997)
01 第一段 Section I 25:27 
02 第二段 Section II 25:02

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