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[New Age/Piano] The Daydream - A Sleeping Forest (2009) [APE]

Posted by TUE on Oct 30, 2009 with 0 Comments
The Daydream - A Sleeping Forest (2009)
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专辑英文名: A Sleeping Forest
专辑中文名: 白日梦4 -孵梦森林
艺术家: The Daydream
发行时间: 2009年3月

01、梦的序曲 Prelude In Daydream [00:41]
02、孵梦森林 A Sleeping Forest [03:21]
03、婚嫁日 Wedding Day [02:58]
04、眼泪 Donde Voy (I, where Tish Hinojosa) [07:16]
05、美丽人生 Wonderful Life [03:11]
06、一叶知秋 The left-digit fall [02:53]
07、思念苏醒的午后 From the afternoon, I miss you [06:37]
08、笔头的华尔兹 Mongdangyeonpil Waltz [02:39]
09、走入宁静 Let's go to the forest of peace [03:56]
10、祈祷者的晴空 Prayer [04:20]
11、心想事成 I hope to [02:13]
12、晨雾浮光 VENCE flow in the morning landscape [03:36]
13、圣女贞德的新星 Janne Da Arc's rising star [02:28]
Bonus Track:
14、赛纳河上的嘉年华 Carnival Of The Seine (Violin's Song) [04:17]
15、执子之手(演唱曲)Give me your hand [03:14]
16、快乐歌(演唱曲)Happy Song (A song - Johyejin) [02:42]
17、快乐歌(宝宝版)Happy Song (The baby version - Johyejin 36 months) [02:37]

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