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[New Age] Yang Xiu-lan & Ouyang Qian - Flower Music - Flower Goddess II (花神II) (1996) [APE]

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Yang Xiu-lan & Ouyang Qian - Flower Music - Flower Goddess II (花神II)
| APE+CUE | 246MB | New Age/Instrumental | Wind Music/Taiwan | 1996 |
In China, it is said that each and every month in the lunar calendar has a representative flower which blooms in that particular month, and a beautiful lady or talented poet is revered as an associated flower deity. The music of this album describes the beauty and unique quality of the six most well-loved flowers as well as flower gods and goddesses (from the 7th lunar month to the 12th lunar month.) There is a special melody composed for each of these beautiful creatures. These soft and easy-to listen tunes all feature traditional musical instruments such as the guzheng, di, erhu, and paixiao. (Windmusic)

发行公司: 风潮唱片

01. 七月蜀葵 - 花神李夫人 Hollyhock Blossom (Lady Li)
Thất Nguyệt Thục Quỳ - Hoa Thần Lý Phu Nhân
02. 八月桂花 - 花神徐惠 Laurel Blossom (Lady Xu Hui)
Bát Nguyệt Quế Hoa - Hoa Thần Từ Huệ
03. 九月菊花 - 花神陶渊明 Chrysanthemum (Tao Yuan-Ming)
Cửu Nguyệt Cúc Hoa - Hoa Thần Đào Uyên Minh
04. 十月木芙蓉 - 花神石曼卿 Hibiscus Blossom (Shi Man-Qing)
Thập Nguyệt Mộc Phù Dong - Hoa Thần Thạch Mạn Khanh
05. 十一月山茶 - 花神白居易 Camellia (Bai Ju-Yi)
Thập Nhất Nguyệt San Trà - Hoa Thần Bạch Cư Dịch
06. 蜡月水仙 - 花神娥皇与女英 Daffodil (Er-Huang And Nu-Ying)
Trá Nguyệt Thủy Tiên - Hoa Thần Nga Hoàng Dữ Nữ Anh

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