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[New Age] Yang Xiu-lan & Ouyang Qian - Flower Music - Orchid (幽蘭 U Lan) (1994) [APE]

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Yang Xiu-lan & Ouyang Qian - Flower Music - Orchid (幽蘭 U Lan)
| APE+CUE | 303MB | New Age/Instrumental | Wind Music/Taiwan | 1994 |
Chinese orchids have clear colored flowers and finely organized foliage, possessing a placid and charming quality. In this collection, music is used to convey the characteristics of orchids to listeners. Musical instruments such as the pai-xiao, guzheng, erhu, and pipa are employed to present the lofty realm of truth, good, and beauty that orchids represent. (Windmusic)

发行公司: 风潮唱片

01 - 國香-建蘭 Quốc Hương - Kiến Lan
Fragrance Of The Country - Fujian Orchids
02 - 香祖-春蘭 Hương Tổ - Xuân Lan
Origin Of Fragrance-Spring Orchids
03 - 花中君子-赤芽素心蘭 Hoa Trung Quân Tử - Xích Nha Tố Tâm Lan
Flowers Of Nobility-Chiya-Suxin Orchids
04 - 王者香-大明蘭 Vương Giả Hương - Đại Minh Lan
Royal Fragrance-Daming Orchids
05 - 空谷佳人-寒蘭 Không Cốc Giai Nhân - Hàn Lan
A Beautiful Lady From Empty Valleys-Winter Orchids
06 - 天下第一香-報歲蘭 Thiên Hạ Đệ Nhất Hương - Báo Tuế Lan
Supreme Fragrance In The World-Baosui Orchids

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