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[Guitar, Easy Listening] Yoshio Kimura - Romantic Tunes Collection (2012) (2CD) [WAV]

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Yoshio Kimura - Romantic Tunes Collection (2012) [2CD]
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Yoshio Kimura (Born 1934 in Tokyo, died July 5, 1996) is the pride of Japanese music circles, for his consummate performance techniques, unique arrangement skill and giving the audiences extraordinary sense of hearing, and known as the Japanese guitar Emperor's virtuoso.

He applied the crafted skills to turn traditional pieces into unique style and exciting songs, created a wonderful guitar world with his hands and wisdom. You will fall in love with his music at the first sight and feel excited about it, which is full of exotic, romantic, lyrical, and beautiful melody. Just like the love story between Chinese Chen Zhen and Japanese girl Yamada Hikaruko in the movie Fist of Legend, music will give you a passion and courage to ignore the nationalities, guide you into a “soul travel”.

The performances of Yoshio Kimura have an unbelievable magic power, and his guitar works are the miracles of music art. Yoshio Kimura is the pride of our Asian people. (

艺 术 家:木村好夫 Yoshio Kimura

01. あなただけを Anata Dake O
02. 魅せられて Miserarete
03. 冬のリヴィエラ Fuyu No Riviera
04. 小指の思い出 Koyubi No Omoide
05. 愛の奇跡 Ai No Kiseki
06. 白いブランコ Shiroi Blanco
07. 夜明けのスキャット Yoake No Scat
08. 禁じられた恋 Kinjirareta Koi
09. ある日突然 Aruhi Totsuzen
10. 異邦人 Ihojin
11. 雲にのりたい Kumo Ni Noritai
12. 悲しみは駈け足でやってくる Kanashimi Wa Kakeashi De Yattekuru
13. あなたの心に Anata No Kokoro Ni
14. 恋人 Koibito
15. かえり船 Kaeribune
16. 木綿のハンカチーフ Momen No Hankachifu
17. やすらぎ Yasuragi
18. 想い出まくら Omoide Makura
19. 針葉樹 Shinyoju
20. 裏町人生 Uramachi Jinsei

01. ブランデーグラス Brandy Glass
02. 別れても好きな人 Wakaretemo Sukina Hito
03. 女の意地 Onna No Iji
04. コモエスタ赤坂 Como Esta Akasaka
05. 知りすぎたのね Shirisugita No Ne
06. 今は幸せかい Ima Wa Shiawase Kai
07. ウナセラディ東京 Una Sera Di Tokyo
08. 君恋し Kimi Koishi
09. 逢わずに愛して Awazuni Aishite
10. うそ Uso
11. 意気地なし Ikujinashi
12. 足手まとい Ashidematoi
13. 勝手にしやがれ Kattenishiyagare
14. 片想い Kataomoi
15. ゆうベの秘密 Yube No Himitsu
16. 愛の水中花 Ai No Suichuka
17. 東京ららばい Tokyo Lullaby
18. 麦と兵隊 Mugi To Heitai

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