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[Japanese Music] Teresa Teng - The 60th Anniversary Of Teresa Teng's Birth (2012) (2CD) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Jan 31, 2012 with 2 Comments
Teresa Teng - The 60th Anniversary Of Teresa Teng's Birth (2012) (2CD)
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Teng Li-chun (Chinese: 鄧麗君; 29 January 1953 – 8 May 1995), commonly known as Teresa Teng, was a Taiwanese singer, actress, musician and philanthropist, renowned for her mellifluous voice and romantic melodies. Referred to by some as the "Eternal Queen of Asian Pop", Teng is considered one of the most successful and influential Asian pop singers of all time. Teng is recognized as a cultural icon for her contributions to Chinese pop, giving birth to the phrase, "Wherever there are Chinese-speaking people, there is the music of Teresa Teng."

With a career spanning almost 30 years, Teng established herself as a dominant and influential force in Asia throughout most of her career, including East Asia, Southeast Asia, and, to some extent, South Asia. Teng is credited as Asia's first musical superstar and by some as the pioneer of modern Chinese pop music—a major force in the development of the Chinese music industry by incorporating western and eastern styles into her music, replacing the most revolutionary songs then prevalent in mainland China and laying the foundation for modern Chinese popular music. Teng was also instrumental in bridging the cultural gap across Chinese-speaking nations and was one of the first artists to connect Japan to some of East and Southeast Asia by singing Japanese pop songs, according to Nippon. In Taiwan, she was famous for entertaining the armed forces and singing patriotic songs that appealed to the natives of the island. Teng was nicknamed "the patriotic entertainer" and "the soldiers' sweetheart". (Wikipedia)

专辑名称:生诞60年 纪念专辑 (ダイヤモンド・ベスト)
歌手姓名:邓丽君 (テレサ・テン)

01 - 空港 ...3:47
02 - 今夜かしら明日かしら ...3:00
03 - 雪化粧 ...3:42
04 - 夜の乗客 ...3:49
05 - 女の生きがい ...3:36
06 - アカシアの夢 ...4:21
07 - 夜のフェリーボート Yoru No Ferryboat ...3:18
08 - ふるさとはどこですか ...3:36
09 - あなたと生きる ...3:37
10 - 逢う時はいつも他人 ...3:06
11 - 春を待つ花 ...4:35
12 - 你 (あなた) Nii (Anata) (Không - Nguyễn Ánh 9) ...3:29
13 - ジェルソミーナの歩いた道 ...4:12
14 - グッドバイ?マイ?ラブ ...3:30
15 - My Way (LIVE at ルイード) ...4:33
16 - 空港(超时空合成版) (Teresa Teng & 秋元顺子) ...3:37
17 - ふるさとはどこですか(超时空合成版) (Teresa Teng & BEGIN) ...3:56
18 - ふたたび(再来) ...3:19

01 - つぐない ...3:52
02 - 愛人 ...3:46
03 - 時の流れに身をまかせ ...4:10
04 - 別れの予感 ...4:28
05 - スキャンダル Scandal ...3:27
06 - 恋人たちの神話 ...4:42
07 - 香港 Hong Kong ...5:12
08 - 悲しい自由 ...4:12
09 - 涙の条件 ...4:28
10 - YES,愛につつまれ ...4:05
11 - 悲しみと踊らせて ...4:19
12 - 愛の陽差し ~アモーレ?ミオ~ ...5:17
13 - あなたと共に生きてゆく ...4:57
14 - つぐない(超时空合成版) (Teresa Teng & ピーター) ...3:46
15 - 時の流れに身をまかせ(超时空合成版) (Teresa Teng & 村上てつや) ...4:21
16 - 別れの予感(超时空合成版) (Teresa Teng & 夏川里美) ...4:02

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