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[Violin/Classical] Zhang Yi (张毅) - Sentimental String (弦情岁月) (2004) (2CD) [WAV]

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Zhang Yi (张毅) - Sentimental String (弦情岁月) [2CD]
| WAV+CUE | 725MB | Violin/Classical/Orchestral/Instrumental | 2004 |

唱片名称:弦情岁月 2CD
英文名:Sentimental String
唱片编号:PCD-6383 / PCD-6396

Sentimental String 1 (弦情岁月1)
01. 绒花 The Ronghua Flower
02. 万泉河水清又清 The Clear Water Of The Wanquanhe River
03. 渔家姑娘在海边 Fisherman's Daughter By The Sea
04. 蝴蝶之恋 [梁祝] Love Between The Two Butterflies [Liang Zhu]
05. 茉莉花 The Jasmine Flower
06. 半个月亮爬上来 A Half Moon Is Climbing Up
07. 绿叶对根的情意 Love From Green Leaf To The Root
08. 同一首歌 The Same Song
09. 难忘今宵 Never Forget Tonight
10. 乡恋 Homesick
11. 在银色月光下 In The Silver Moon Light
12. 天堂 Paradise

Sentimental String 2 (弦情岁月2)
01. 颂歌 Ode
02. 珊瑚颂 In Praise Of The Coral
03. 在一起 Together
04. 苹果丰收 Bumper Harvest Of Apples
05. 妈妈留给我一首歌 The Song Mother Sang To Me
06. 牧羊曲 Shepherd's Tune
07. 金梭和银梭 The Shuttling Of The Sun And The Moon
08. 美丽的草原我的家 The Beautiful Prairie, My Homeland
09. 情深谊长 Deep Emotion And Lasting Friendship
10. 彩云追月 The Moon Sails In Clouds
11. 婚誓 Wedding Pledge
12. 青春舞曲 Melody Of Youth

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