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[Guzheng, Folk] Li Jing (李静) - The Lotus That Stands Out (出水莲) (2005) [FLAC]

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Li Jing (李静) - The Lotus That Stands Out (出水莲) (2005)
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专辑中文名: 古筝类-出水莲 (李静古筝独奏专辑)
艺术家: 李静
发行时间: 2005年

01 - 高山流水 High Mountain And Floating Water ...6:44
Cao Sơn Lưu Thủy
02 - 秦桑曲 The Mulberry Of Qin ...5:46
Tần Tang Khúc
03 - 雪山春晓 Spring Awakens In The Snow Mountains ...5:33
Tuyết Sơn Xuân Hiểu
04 - 浏阳河 Liuyang River ...3:10
Lưu Dương Hà
05 - 出水莲 Lotus Flowers Appear Over Water ...3:48
Xuất Thủy Liên
06 - 伊犁河畔 By The Ili River ...6:37
Y Lê Hà Bạn
07 - 山丹丹花开红艳艳 Morningstar Lily Blooming ...5:12
Sơn Đan Đan Hoa Khai Hồng Diễm Diễm
08 - 梅花三弄 Three Variations On The Plum Blossom Theme ...4:54
Mai Hoa Tam Lộng
09 - 渔舟晚唱 Fisherman's Nocturne ...4:38
Ngư Chu Vãn Xướng
Bonus Track:
10 - Fan Shang-E (范上娥) - 渔舟唱晚 Fisherman's Nocturne ...4:00

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