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[New Age] Angelight - Children Of The Ocean (Дети Океана) (2002) [WV]

Posted by TUE on Aug 11, 2010 with 1 Comments
Angelight - Children Of The Ocean (Дети Океана) (2002)
| WavPack (Cue+Log) | 316MB | New Age, Instrumental | Russia |
The ocean - our general homeland. Mother of life on the planet Earth. And, as millions years ago, life everything also arises in water. All waters of the globe connect finally to the World Ocean. All people of Earth are born at this ocean. All of us are children of the ocean. If to remember feeling of security and immense water open spaces which is felt by each child in mother's womb, that, despite age, you can plunge into a condition of clemency and integrity. It will help you to dissolve all negative energy with waters of the World Ocean and to remove stress of consciousness, tired of life. Restoration, for various reasons, of the lost thin communications with mother can give more, than hundreds of friends and acquaintances.
Music of an album "Children of the Ocean" promotes this process, helping to receive all necessary for fine wanderings in consciousness depths, getting rid of hindrances on the way to healing.

At the moment of the birth human gets a set of mental injuries with which it is necessary to cope all the life. Besides, in modern conditions of the birth thin power communication with mother that disturbs full development of the person is broken. Album music "Children of the Ocean" helps to restore and establish this thin relation with mother irrespective of, how many time passed from the moment of your birth. The same time it will establish your individual relation with an energy potential of the World Ocean which is a cradle of all life to Earth.

01 - Океан (Ocean) ...6:08
02 - Братья По Разуму (Brothers in Mind) ...4:18
03 - Хорошие Новости (The Good News) ...1:54
04 - Путешествие В Глубину (Journey Into the Depths) ...6:41
05 - Ты Не Один (You're Not Alone) ...5:16
06 - Твои Мечты (Your Dreams) ...1:04
07 - По Волнам (On the Waves) ...3:43
08 - Ласковая Мама (Affectionate Mother) ...2:58
09 - Дети Океана (Children Of The Ocean) ...6:16
10 - Танец Дельфинов (Dance of the Dolphins) ...4:20
11 - Мы Будем Вместе (We'll Be Together) ...7:53

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