Monday, September 5, 2011

[New Age/World] Chaibhuk Bhutrachinda (Nick Gorphai) - Siam Beat (2011) [FLAC]

Chaibhuk Bhutrachinda (Nick Gorphai) - Siam Beat (2011)
| FLAC+CUE | 340 MB | New Age/World | Instrumental |
| Label: Ocean Media/Thai | Time: 53:21 | Covers Included |

Chaibhuk Bhutrachinda:
         + Producer, Composer (Siamese Bliss, Kita Apsara) Arranger Programmer, Chorus and Performer
         + Instruments include Saw Ou, Salor, Tro Khrner, Erhu, Metal Dulcimer, Khlui PiengOr, Khlui Lip, Khlui Ou, Ranat Thoom, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Tenor Mandola, Keyboard, Metalophone, Tone-Rammana, Klong Took, Cajun, Bongo, Djembe st, Percussions, Angklung.
Paskorn Suwanphan: Soprano/Alto/Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet
Prasam Wongwirojrak: Accordion
Apichai Pongkuelert: GuZheng
Thawisak Akrawong: Ponglang, Khaen
Kanokphorn Tasana: Lead Vocal, Chorus
Anant Narkk0ng, Asdavuth Sagarik, Banhan Palo: Angklung, Chorus
Apinat Trichan: Klong Sabadchai
Sariprapha Bhutrachinda: Chab Yai

01. Siamese Bliss [0:04:33.39]
02. Afro Mohinga [0:04:48.38]
03. Himalaya Fantasy [0:06:04.14]
04. Ya-Wa-World-Wide [0:04:21.39]
05. Thai Boxing Zone [0:06:03.26]
06. Khmer Lullaby [0:05:45.39]
07. Lunatic Blazing [0:03:50.04]
08. Kita Apsara [0:06:55.37]
09. Lonely Loner in Labyrinth Cave [0:04:27.40]
10. Auld Lang Syne [0:06:31.28]

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