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[Guzheng] Zhou Zhan (周展) - Cha Ji (侘寂) (2016) [WAV]

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Zhou Zhan (周展) - Cha Ji (侘寂)
| WAV (Tracks+Cue) | 375MB | Guzheng, Instrumental | Covers | 2016 |
The album exudes an elegant and tranquil temperament, and beneath the soul's simplicity, the unhurried and graceful performance reveals a blend of softness and strength. It encompasses the graceful and gentle melodies of Jiangnan music, as well as the stirring and passionate tunes reminiscent of the martial arts world. Listeners can not only rediscover themselves and return to authenticity in the subtle musical realm but also fully comprehend the profound meaning and artistic conception conveyed by the guzheng. In doing so, they attain harmony and fulfillment of both body and mind.

The zither's melodies blend with the essence of tea and Zen, creating a serene environment that allows the mind to wander freely. The ethereal and natural tones induce a sense of calmness, facilitating meditation and relaxation. Listening to the guzheng, one may feel emotions drifting in the sea of melodies, and at other times, achieving a state of forgetfulness where the distinctions between self and the surroundings blur. It evokes a sense of tranquility, akin to the sentiment of returning to seclusion. With a touch as light as playing by a spring or listening to gentle rain in the forest, the guzheng's antiquity and elegance shine through, creating a serene and beautiful atmosphere. The tracks harmonize seamlessly with the refined character of the guzheng, enhancing the overall charm with a delightful artistic conception.

专辑名称:侘寂 HDCD
专辑艺人:周展 (古筝)

01.疏影入云 Shū Yǐng Rù Yún
Sơ Ảnh Nhập Vân
02.微风细雨岸 Wēi Fēng Xì Yǔ Àn
Vi Phong Tế Vũ Ngạn
03.大隐之境 Dà Yǐn Zhī Jìng
Đại Ẩn Chi Cảnh
04.和风送迩遐 Hé Fēng Sòng Ěr Xiá
Hòa Phong Tống Nhĩ Hà
05.此生彼岸 Cǐ Shēng Bǐ Àn
Thử Sinh Bỉ Ngạn
06.山水朦胧意 Shān Shuǐ Méng Lóng Yì
Sơn Thủy Mông Lông Ý
07.拂云揽清月 Fú Yún Lǎn Qīng Yuè
Phất Vân Lãm Thanh Nguyệt
08.虚实相生 Xū Shí Xiàng Shēng
Hư Thực Tương Sinh
09.古筝禅境 Gǔ Zhēng Chán Jìng
Cổ Tranh Thiền Cảnh
10.无上清凉 Wú Shàng Qīng Liáng
Vô Thượng Thanh Lương

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