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[New Age] Motoyuki Kume - Shu - The Essence Of Relax (舒 リラックスの素) (2002) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Sep 9, 2018 with 2 Comments
Motoyuki Kume - Shu - The Essence Of Relax (舒 リラックスの素)
| WAV+CUE | 400MB | New Age, Instrumental | Full Covers | 2002 |
A sound suppliment effective for stressful times, poor appetite, feeling irritation, tiredness and stiff shoulders. When your mind is tired, alimentation for your mind is a need just like taking a medicine for a cold. The soothing nature sound will fresh and relax your mind just like when you take a deep breath in the woods.

专辑名称:舒 リラックスの素
专辑艺人:久米 由基(くめ ゆうき)
唱片系列:Della 阳光元气系列

01 - 木漏れ日の森(幻境森林) Sunlight Falling Through The Trees ...8:21
02 - 雨がやんだら…(如果雨停了…) If It Lets Up ...2:33
03 - 光と影(光和影) Light And Shadow ...5:21
04 - 時の流れの中で(在光阴的流逝中) In The Flow Of Time ...4:09
05 - オレンジ色の渚(橙色的海岸) Seaside In Orange ...3:50
06 - 夏の想い出(夏之回想) Summer Memories ...7:03
07 - アフタヌーンティーをあなたと(与你共享下午茶) Afternoon Tea With You ...4:39
08 - 子供の頃(儿时) Childhood ...3:10
09 - Colors Of My Heart(心的颜色) ...5:16
10 - Peaceful Days(宁静的日子) ...5:00
11 - そよ風に揺られて(被微风轻摇) Swayed By A Breeze ...7:34

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