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[Xiao, Pipa] Hou Changqing & Cao Yang - Fighting For Eternal Prestige (马足龙沙) (2022) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Mar 23, 2022 with 0 Comments
Hou Changqing & Cao Yang - Fighting For Eternal Prestige (马足龙沙)
| WAV+CUE | 462MB | Xiao, Flute, Pipa, Folk, Instrumental | Covers | 2022 |
Longyuan Music's masterpiece "Ma Zu Long Sha," released in spring 2022, offers an immersive audio experience akin to a cinematic narrative. The unique collaboration of the bamboo flute and xiao by Hou Changqing, and the pipa by Cao Yang, transports ancient musical melodies to the majestic Silk Road and mysterious landscapes of the Western Regions.

Traversing through mountains and waters, the album unfolds an epic panorama beyond boundaries. The seamless interplay of ancient and modern, the diverse sonic landscapes, and the vitality of traditional Chinese music come alive in this extraordinary musical journey.

"Ma Zu Long Sha" captures the essence of contemporary Chinese music through the expressive tones of the flute, xiao, and pipa. Defining the style of this album proves challenging, as it offers a one-of-a-kind auditory experience, inviting listeners to "see" a myriad of panoramic soundscapes with their ears.

When it comes to Chinese traditional music, audiophiles may associate it with instrumental characteristics or linear expressions. However, "Ma Zu Long Sha" defies expectations, allowing listeners to experience the enchanting charm of the flute and xiao in a unique way.

In this album, the collaboration of the flute and xiao, harmonizing with the pipa, presents unprecedented diversity. Different types of flutes and xiaos produce distinct sounds—clear and lively for the qudi, robust and powerful for the bangdi, and melodious for the dongxiao. The rich and intricate performances not only shine in melody but also showcase remarkable acoustics.

While you may have encountered many performances on the pipa, Cao Yang's rendition in "Ma Zu Long Sha" is truly exceptional. At times, it exudes grandeur like a galloping army, while at others, it displays graceful and modern sensibilities, offering a delightful and unique auditory experience. The album features various types of pipa, including the Tang Dynasty pipa and the modern pipa.

In this recording, the choice of pipa depends on the specific work. The steel-stringed pipa provides a sharp and powerful resonance, enhancing scenes like a cavalry charge in "Ma Zu Long Sha." On the other hand, the silk-stringed pipa offers a more relaxed and elastic sound, beautifully captured in the piece "暮城 (Twilight City)".

专辑名称:马足龙沙 [首版限量编号 24K纯金碟]
专辑艺人:笛簫侯長青, 琵琶曹楊, 李小沛錄音

01 - 马足龙沙 Fighting For Eternal Prestige ...6:46
02 - 暮城 Twilight City ...4:12
03 - 小刀会 Xiaodao Society ...5:01
04 - 纳木错的传说 The Legend Of Namtso Lake ...7:11
05 - 春江花月夜 Moonlight Over The Flowery River In The Spring ...9:36
06 - 阿尔法 Alpha ...5:32
07 - 夜深沉 Deep Night ...7:30
08 - 赛汗塔拉 Saihan Tara (Beautiful Grassland) ...7:34
09 - 皂罗袍 Zao Luo Pao ...3:53
10 - 山水悠扬 Leisurely In The Mountains and Rivers ...5:37
11 - 寒鸦戏水 Winter Crows Playing In Water ...5:39
12 - 最后编年史 The Last Annals ...3:26

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