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[Instrumental] Chinese Traditional Music - Gu Yue Xin Yun (Old Music, New Sound) (2CD) [MP3/192-320K]

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Chinese Traditional Music - Gu Yue Xin Yun (2CD) (2004)
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专辑中文名: 古乐新韵
艺术家: 纯音乐
出品商: 江西文化音像出版社
发行时间: 2004年

01 - Yang Chun Bai Xue (Snow on a Sunny Spring Day) - [Pipa]
02 - Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye (Moonlight over the Spring River) - [Zheng]
03 - Guang Ling San (Guangling Tune) - [Zheng]
04 - Yu Qiao Wenda (Dialogue between Fisherman and Woodcutter) - [Guqin]
05 - Feng Qiu Huang (The Phoenix Seeks his Mate) - [Guqin]
06 - Peng Pai Duzou
07 - Mei Hua San Nong (Three Variations on 'Plum Blossom') - [Plucked string music]
08 - Shi Mian Maifu (Ambush on All Sides) - [Pipa]
09 - Yu Da Bajiao (Rain Falls on the Leaves of the Banana Tree) - [Guangdong Music]
10 - Yang Guan San Die (Farewell at Yang Guan) - [One-tube pipe]
11 - Tan Qi Wo Xinai De Tu Pipa (Playing My Beloved Pipa) - [Xiao Hong]
12 - Zi Zhu Diao (Purple Bamboo Melody) - [Jiangnan string and wind]
13 - Zhong Hua Liu Ban [Jiangnan string and wind]
14 - Zhi Dao Bu Zhi Dao - [Hulusi]

01 - Xi Yang Yang (Full of Joy) - [Folk music ensemble]
02 - Hanya Xishui (Jackdaws Playing in the Water) - [Zheng]
03 - Hujia Shiba Pai (Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute) - [Guqin]
04 - Gaoshan Liushui (High Mountain, Flowing Water) - [Zheng]
05 - Bainiao Chaofeng (All the Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix) - [Solo]
06 - Dalang Tao Sha (The Wave Washes the Beach) - [Pipa]
07 - Hua Mei Tiao Jia (Thrush Jumping On Trellies) - [Chiu Chow drum]
08 - Xiao Xiang Shui Yun (The Cloudy Water) - [Guqin]
09 - Fengshou Luogu (Harvest Gongs and Drums) - [Drum]
10 - Chun Xiao Yin (Song for a Spring Dawn) - [Guqin]
11 - Zhan Tai Feng (Battling the Typhoon) - [Zheng]
12 - Jin She Kuang Wu (Golden Snakes' Dance) - [Folk music ensemble]

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