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[Folk/Traditional Music] VA - Chinese Ancient Music (2001) [8CD] [APE]

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VA - Chinese Ancient Music [8CD]
| APE+CUE | Chinese Folk/Traditional Music | 
| Instrumental | 8CD (2.27 GB) | 2001 |

CD1 Picture of Primitive Hunting
01. Chu Shang (Chime bells from Marquis Yi's tomb and orchestra) 4'16"
02. Clouds 3'40"
03. For those fallen for their country (Xun and Qin) 2'50"
04. Cods and men rejoice (Chime bells) 2'44"
05. A grieved life in Changmen spirit (Xun and Qin-zither) 5'42"
06. Chu song (Xun and orchestra) 5'29"
07. Mount spirit (orchestra) 10'25"
08. Wine frolic (Qin solo) 2'14"
09. Guangling tune (Qin solo) 13'32"
10. Picture of primitive hunting (Bone-Whistle and orchestra) 7'09"

CD2 High Mountains and Flowing Water
01. Running waters (Bianqing) 2'16"
02. High mountains flowing water (Zheng) 5'20"
03. Running waters (Qin) 4'12"
04. Offering sacrifices (orchestra) 5'52"
05. Calling back the spirit of the dead (Pan-pipes) 3'40"
06. The silent moon mirrored in the fish pond (Se) 2'26"
07. The elegant orchid in jieshi tune (Qin and Chime bells) 7'29"
08. Three variations on the plum (Qin song) 8'04"
09. Dragon Boat (Pipa solo) 4'15"
10. Gufengcao (Qin) 5'12"
11. The peacocks fly to the southeast 7'46"

CD3 Dance Music of Imperial Palace
01. Mooring at night on the Qiu River (Xiao) 7'10"
02. Flowers and jade trees at back countyard (Song) 1'55"
03. Li Sao (Qin solo) 10'16"
04. Prelude of dance music of imperial palace (Ensemble) 2'28"
05. Three variations at Yangguan pass (Qin solo) 5'29"
06. Three Tang melodies - Yipinnong/Xijiangyue/Changshanvyin (Xun and orchestra) 7'36"
07. Fishermen's song at dusk (Zheng solo) 3'02"
08. Birds singing in spring (Ensemble) 7'18"
09. Vast desert (Bili and orchestra) 7'52"
10. Battle music for king Qin's army (Chime bells and chorus) 2'40"

CD4 Shadows of Apricot Blossoms
01. Shadows of apricot blossoms (Song with title of ci tune) 3'05"
02. Xiaoxiang's waters and clouds (Qin solo) 7'56"
03. Love for the red dress (Ensemble) 2'29"
04. Plums by the Ge River (Ensemble) 2'45"
05. Short drinking music in shang Mode (Song with title of ci tune) 2'36"
06. Delicate fragrance (Ensemble) 3'30"
07. Song of Yangzhou in andante (Song with title of ci tune) 3'22"
08. Jade plum blossoms (Ensemble) 2'14"
09. Scattered shadows (Ensemble) 3'15"
10. Oriole singing (Qin, Xiao and Pipa) 2'29"
11. Jiao shao (Ensemble) 3'36"
12. Ritual songs for Yue: Chu tune on Emperor Shun (Song with title of ci tune) 2'45"
13. The immortal of stone lake (Ensemble) 2'46"
14. Floating across waters (Ensemble) 5'48"
15. Ancient lament (Ensemble) 2'53"

CD5 Autumn Meditation at Dongting Lake
01. Autumn meditation at Dongting Lake 4'05"
02. Remembering an old friend (Qin and orchestra) 7'38"
03. The spring snow (Pipa solo) 3'27"
04. Chao Yuan Song (Qin, Xiao and Pipa) 4'08"
05. Crow croaking at night (Qin solo) 5'47"
06. Vulture catches swan (Pipa solo) 9'11"
07. Dressing table (Xiao and orchestra) 4'26"
08. Recalling the past at Tongguan pass (Scattered tune of Yuan) 1'50"
09. Ancient music of the Naxi Nationality - Suite of Baisha Xiyue
(Ensemble of Chinese musical instruments) 10'22"

CD6 Wild Goose on the Peaceful Beach
01. Lyrics on autumn wind (Double-Pipe solo) 5'35"
02. Wild goose on the peaceful beach (Qin solo) 7'26"
03. Qinglian's collected songs (Pipa solo) 6'44"
04. Sunny spring (Qin solo) 6'53"
05. Walking on the street (Silk and bamboo ensemble) 5'11"
06. The Yinhua mountain 2'22"
07. Deep night (Jinghu and orchestra) 4'08"
08. Tune of happy evening (Qin solo) 2'08"
09. Fallen petals scattered on green meadow (Pipa solo) 6'28"
10. Dragon chanting in the vast sea (Ensemble) 7'01"

CD7 Wang Zhaojun
01. Wang Zhaojun (Sheng and orchestra) 13'10"
02. Qu Yuan asking way at the ferry crossing
(Chine bells from Marquis Yi's tomb and orchestra) 5'51"
03. Conqueror Xiang Yu's triumphant return (Pipa solo) 7'56"
04. Beats on the Hujia (Qin song) 4'48"
05. Su Wu tending sheep (Erhu) 4'26"
06. The injustice done to Dou E (Qin, Xiao and Pipa) 4'34"
07. Lady Wenji returned to Han dynasty (Zheng) 12'42"
08. Listening to the soughing winds in the pines (Erhu) 3'55"

CD8 Remembering of the Xiao on the Phoenix Platform
01. Yearn for love (Pipa solo) 5:02
02. Concubines Xiang sorrow (Qin solo) 2:21
03. An autumn moon shines on the Han Palace (Pipa solo) 5:37
04. Green pavilion chant (Song with title of ci tune) 3:02
05. Noisy birds (Ancient tune) 7:59
06. Song of the Western Chamber (Zheng) 3:01
07. Lighttower 11:24
08. Autumn night (Qin, Xiao and Erhu) 5:26
09. The grievance of Zhaojun (A collection music) 3:22
10. The moon rises 7:28
11. Remembering Of The Xiao On The Phoenix Platform (Qin song) 2:27

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