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Guzheng] Fu Na (付娜) - The Guzheng Is Red 4 - Exquisite And Flawless (丝丝入扣) (2007) [WAV]

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Fu Na (付娜) - The Guzheng Is Red 4 - Exquisite And Flawless (丝丝入扣)
| WAV+CUE | 418MB | Guzheng, Folk, Instrumental | 2007 |
Fu Na is a young and outstanding guzheng player. She started learning the instrument at the age of nine, studying under the renowned guzheng master Mr. Wen Fuze. She received formal music training and won the first prize at the "Chongqing Instrumental Music Competition." In the 1990s, she furthered her studies under Mr. Wang Zhongshan, inheriting his "Fast Finger Technique." Currently, she is a guzheng performer in the Folk Music Orchestra of the Guangdong Song and Dance Ensemble.

Fu Na's guzheng playing demonstrates skillful techniques, graceful flexibility, beautiful tones, and a harmonious balance of strength and gentleness. Her performances embody both traditional charm and a modern touch.

The guzheng is a stringed plucked instrument with beautiful tones and rich expressiveness. With a long history, the guzheng's sound is clear, noble, elegant, melodious, colorful, and full of charm. Its gentle strokes resemble flowing clouds, while powerful sweeps evoke the roar of a landslide. The instrument's expressive range can delicately portray human emotions or vividly depict spectacular scenes. Whether it's tender and plaintive, passionate and stirring, or uplifting in song and chant, the guzheng can express it to perfection, earning it the nickname "the piano of the East" abroad.

A refined instrument like the guzheng naturally deserves the touch of an elegant woman. Fu Na, a pure and elegant lady, brings a breath of fresh air to the music scene with her untainted melodic style, presenting a candid album titled "Silk Threads." With her distinctly feminine musical notes, she introduces a clear breeze to the music industry.

Fu Na's guzheng is full of variations—sometimes clear, sometimes blurred, sometimes bright, sometimes dark, sometimes strong, sometimes soft, sometimes thin, sometimes thick—all perfectly controlled through breath. In the ebb and flow of the music, the notes flow freely, conveying either a sense of sadness and beauty, distant vibrations, solemn melancholy, or elegant brightness. A pure and delicate emotional essence fills your soul, seemingly pulling out the profound emotions from the depths of your being.


01 - 思想枝 Thinking Branch ...7:13
Tư Tưởng Chi
02 - 雪梅思君 Snow And Plum Thinking Of A Gentlemen ...7:02
Tuyết Mai Tư Quân
03 - 渔家女 The Fisherman's Daughter ...4:03
Ngư Gia Nữ
04 - 双鱼座 The Pisces ...4:35
Song Ngư Tọa
05 - 风马旗 Wind Horse Flags ...4:22
Phong Mã Kỳ
06 - 天竺少女 Indian Girl ...4:28
Thiên Trúc Thiếu Nữ
07 - 情为何物 What Is Love ...4:00
Tình Vi Hà Vật
08 - 沉默是金 Silence Is Golden ...4:22
Trầm Mặc Thị Kim
09 - 只求相爱过一生 Just Love All Life ...3:29
Chỉ Cầu Tương Ái Quá Nhất Sinh
10 - 千里之外 Faraway ...4:41
Thiên Lý Chi Ngoại
11 - 我是痴情无限 I Was Infatuated Infinitely ...4:05
Ngã Thị Si Tình Vô Hạn
12 - 安平追想曲 Anping Reminiscence ...2:49
An Bình Truy Tưởng Khúc
13 - 流浪歌 Song Of Vagrant ...5:45
Lưu Lãng Ca

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