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[Instrumental] Various Artists - National Park Music - Collection (2000-2008) [6CD] [APE]

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VA - National Park Music - Collection (2000-2008)
| APE+CUE | 5CD (1.8 GB) | Instrumental | Covers Included |

Kenting National Park Music (垦丁) (2000)
01.鹅鸞鼻灯塔 Er-Luan-Bi Light House
02.思想起(恒春古城) Memory Of The Heng-Chun Castle
03.风吹砂(落山风) Sandstorm
04.佳乐水奇石 Craggy Ja-Ler-Hsui
05.南仁湖的晨 The Morning Of Nan-Zen Lake
06.仲夏海滩(垦丁) Kenting
07.鱼之舞(海博馆) Dance Of The Fish
08.旭海草原 Pasture Of Hsu-Hi

Shei-Pa National Park Music (雪霸) (2001)
01.杜鹃簇拥上雪霸 (演唱:杜牧) Hayata
02.雪山主峰 Snow Peak
03.翠池 Green Pond
04.融雪成流 Melting Snow
05.烟声瀑布 Yen-Sheng Waterfall
06.春江映绿 Spring River
07.七家湾溪的相逢 Chi-Jia-Wan Stream
08.孕育 To Foster
09.黑森林 Dark Forest
10.庄严的回归 Nirvana

Taroko National Park Music (太鲁阁) (2002)
01.神秘谷 Shenmiku -The Mystery Valley
02.天祥-塔比多部落 Tienhsiang-Tupido
03.故乡太鲁阁-黥面传说 Taroko-Legend Of Atayal People(演唱:杜俊辉)
04.南湖山杜鹃 Rhododendrons Of Nanhutashan Mountain
05.关原云海 The Clouds Over Kuanyuan
06.白杨瀑布 Baiyang Waterfalls
07.莲花池 The Lotus Pond
08.绿水孤云 A Lonely Cloud Over Lushui
09.南湖山杜鹃(音乐版) Rhododendrons Of Mt. Nanhutashan(Music Version)

Yushan National Park Music (玉山) (2004)
01.玉山顶峰 The Top Of Yu-Shan
02.玉山的天空 (演唱:杜俊辉、杜松正) Skyline Of Yu-Shan
03.玉山秋色 Autumn In Yu-Shan
04.山杜鹃的回忆 (演唱:Hannah) The Memories Of Rhododendrons
05.云中群峰 Peaks Among The Clouds
06.夫妻树 (演唱:杜俊辉、满书雯) The Two Of Us
07.关山日出 (演唱:杜俊辉、周志宏) The Sunrise Of Kuanshan
08.捣歌 (演唱:杜俊辉、杜松正等) The Pestle Song
09.荖浓溪源头 Hewdwaters Of Laonong Stream
10.玉山的天空 (音乐版) Skyline Of Yu-Shan (Music Version)
11.古道悬想 Thoughts Of The Ancient Path
12.落日遐思 Thoughts Of The Sunset

YangMingShan National Park Music (阳明山) (2005)
01.雾中的雨 Misty Yang-Ming Mountain
02.绢丝瀑布 Silklike Waterfall
03.夜之星辰 Twinkling Night Stars
04.竹子湖之海芋花田 Calla Lilies Of Zhutzu Lake
05.绿茵擎天岗 The Green Grass Of Qingtiangang
06.鱼路古道 Yu Lu Gu Dao
07.春阳破晓 Daybreak Wakes Spring
08.草山芒雪 Snowy Awn
09.腾雾烟硝 Ride On Fog
10.温滚之泉 Smoly Hot Springs
11.阳明花季 Blossomy Yang-Ming Mountain
12.梦幻湖 Meng-Huan Lake
13.大屯秋色 Autumn Scenes Of Mt. Datun

Kinmen National Park Music (金门) (2008)
01.太武山 Tai-Wu Mountain
02.陵水湖与西湖 Linshui Lake And Hsi Lake
03.自然悸动 Natural Beat
04.金色沙滩 Golden Beach
05.风狮爷 Wind Lion God
06.海印寺石门关 Haiyin Temple Stone Gate
07.珠山公园 Chushan Park
08.夏日的精灵 Summer Elf
09.战地风光 Battlegroung
10.猫公石海岸 Maogonghsi Coast

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