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[Instrumental] Various Artists - The Most Beautiful Listening Music In China (2014) (3CD) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Apr 25, 2017 with 2 Comments
Various Artists - The Most Beautiful Listening Music In China (3CD)
| WAV (Tracks) | 1.1GB | Folk, New Age, Instrumental | 2014 |


01.边疆的泉水清又纯 Pure Water Of The Frontier
02.蓝色的蒙古高原 The Blue Mongolian Plateau
03.敖包相会 Appointing In Mongolian House
04.家乡 Hometown
05.天路 Sky Road
06.小河淌水 Little Running River
07.蝴蝶泉边 Beside Butterfly Spring
08.枉凝眉 Vain Longing (Wang Ning Mei)
09.葬花吟 Chart Of Buring Fallen Flowers
10.映山红 Mountain Azalea
11.十送红军 Ten Farewell To Red Army
12.美丽的草原我的家 The Beautiful Grassland Is My Home
13.草原上升起不落的太阳 The Never-setting Sun On The Grassland

01.月光下的凤尾竹 The Phoenix-Tail Bamboo In The Moonlight
02.浏阳河 Liuyang River
03.牧羊曲 Song Of Shepherd
04.为了谁 For Whom
05.乌苏里船歌 Chanty Of Wusuli
06.在那遥远的地方 In That Place Wholly Faraway
07.花儿为什么这样红 Why Is The Flower So Red
08.吐鲁番的葡萄熟了 The Grapes In Turfan Are Ripe
09.送我一支玫瑰花 Give Me A Rose
10.草原之夜 Night On The Prairie
11.北京的金山上 The Golden Hill In Beijing
12.翻身农奴把歌唱 Emancipated Serfs Sing Proudly
13.阿瓦人民唱新歌 The Ava People Sing Their A New Song

CD3 - The Best Of Li Zhihui (李志辉):
01. 丝路花雨锁泉州 Quanzhou, City Is Surrounded By Silk Way And Rain Of Flower
02. 乌兰巴托草原之夜 Night Of Ulan Bator Grassland
03. 千江有水千江月 Moonlight Over Qian River
04. 夜宴紫禁宫 Banquet At Forbidden City
05. 水墨兰亭 Pavilion In A Chinese Painting
06. 清音玉露月牙泉 Clear Tone And Water In Yueya Spring
07. 青瓦白墙恋徽州 Huizhou, Verdant Tile And White Wall In The Name Of The City
08. 静月思 A Self-Reflection In A Quiet Evening
09. 梧桐细语 Whisper Of Indus (Vocal)

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