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[Instrumental] Various Artists - Dragon Musical (龙之响韵) (2005-2006) (3CD) [APE]

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Various Artists - Dragon Musical (龙之响韵) (2005-2006) (3CD)
| APE+CUE | 0.98 GB | Folk, Chinese Instrumental Music |
"Gentle as flowing water, powerful as a fierce dragon," this phrase perfectly captures the essence of this pure folk music masterpiece. As a major highlight of the company, each outstanding track in this album is distinct, showcasing exceptional artistry. The recording quality is exceptionally intense, with each piece delivering astonishing low-frequency dynamics and an extraordinary density of sound. The audio effects are unparalleled, remarkably vivid, and particularly captivating with their continuous momentum and engaging power. The album is richly infused with a strong sense of national culture and artistic atmosphere, making it stand out among similar products.

This album represents a perfect blend of modernity and classical elements, demonstrating the exhilarating side of folk music. The superb recording quality isn't just a selling point; it guarantees flawless technique. The sound effects are exquisite, with low frequencies that are both impactful and lyrically soothing. The carefully selected tracks resonate with both the heart and the emotions. The instruments themselves shine with bright, pearly tones, warm and smooth, fully expressing the emotions in every note. All of this contributes to the enduring appeal and success of Long Yun's works.

辑中文名: 龙之响韵
艺术家: 纯音乐
唱片公司: 九洲音像出版公司
发行时间: 2005年-2006年

CD Dragon Musical I (龙之响韵1) (2005)
01.东风破 - 二胡 Dong Feng Po - Erhu
02.婚誓 - 葫芦丝 Hun Shi - Hulusi
03.胭脂扣 - 小提琴 Yan Zhi Kou - Violin
04.记事本 - 笛子 Ji Shi Ben - Dizi
05.甜言蜜语 - 琵琶 Tian Yan Mi Yu - Pipa
06.愿君心记取 - 二胡 Yuan Jun1 Xin Ji Qu - Erhu
07.有一个美丽的地方 - 葫芦丝 You Yi Ge Mei Li De Di Fang - Hulusi
08.相思风雨中 - 古筝 Loving In The Windy And Raining - Guzheng
09.最后一夜 - 小提琴 Zui Hou Yi Ye - Violin
10.双星情歌 - 琵琶 Shuang Xing Qing Ge - Pipa
11.你究竟有几个好妹妹 - 二胡 Ni Jiu Jing You Ji Ge Hao Mei Mei - Erhu
12.月光下的凤尾竹 - 葫芦丝 Yue Guang Xia De Feng Wei Zhu - Hulusi
13.楼台会 - 古筝 Lou Tai Hui - Guzheng
14.用爱将心偷 - 笛子 Yong Ai Jiang Xin Tou - Dizi

CD Dragon Musical II (龙之响韵2) (2006)
01. 希望 Xi Wang
02. 大红枣儿甜又香 Da Hong Zao Er Tian You Xiang
03. 永恒的誓约 Yong Heng De Shi Yue
04. 梦中的情书 Meng Zhong De Qing Shu
05. 童话 Tong Hua
06. 缅桂花开十里香 Mian Gui Hua Kai Shi Li Xiang
07. 天堂 Tian Tang
08. 天涯 Tian Ya
09. 我为共产主义把青春贡献 Wo Wei Gong Chan Zhu Yi Ba Qing Chun Gong Xian
10. 走进梦中的大礼堂 Zou Jin Meng Zhong De Da Li Tang
11. 蓝眼睛的爱丽丝 Lan Yan Jing De Ai Li Si
12. 微风细雨 Wei Feng Xi Yu
13. 小河淌水 Xiao He Tang Shui
14. 不了情 Bu Le Qing

CD Dragon Musical III (龙之响韵3) (2006)
01. 美丽的神话 The Myth
02. 月下情歌 Yue Xia Qing Ge
03. 花儿为什么这样红 Hua Er Wei Shi Me Zhe Yang Hong
04. 怀念战友 Huai Nian Zhan You
05. 渔光曲 Yu Guang Qu
06. 竹楼情歌 Zhu Lou Qing Ge
07. 别说对不起 Bie Shuo Dui Bu Qi
08. 葬花吟 Zang Hua Yin
09. 大宅门 Da Zhai Men
10. 故乡情 Gu Xiang Qing
11. 假如我是真的 Jia Ru Wo Shi Zhen De
12. 渔家姑娘在海边 Yu Jia Gu Niang Zai Hai Bian
13. 我真的受伤了 Wo Zhen De Shou Shang Le
14. 瑶族舞曲 Yao Zu Wu Qu

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