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[Matouqin] Hasi Bagen (哈斯巴根) - Song Of The Prairie - Chi Le Ge (敕勒歌) (2015) [WAV]

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Hasi Bagen (哈斯巴根) - Song Of The Prairie - Chi Le Ge (敕勒歌) (2015)
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专辑名称:敕勒歌 HQCD
专辑艺人:哈斯巴根 (马头琴)

01 - 故乡 Home (Improvisation) ...7:03
02 - 金镯子 Gold Bracelet (Mongolian Folksong From Qianghai) ...4:12
03 - 罗阳姑娘 Luoyang Girl (Inner Mongolian Khorchin Folksong) ...5:00
04 - 乌拉勒吉 Buryat Flower (Buryat Folksong) ...3:47
05 - 可爱的海骝马 The Lovely Horse Rider (Inner Mongolian Xilinguole Region Folksong) ...4:39
06 - 初生的太阳 The Newborn Sun (Mongolian Folksong) ...5:43
07 - 阿拉什河 Aras River (Tuvan Folksong) ...3:57
08 - 四季 Four Seasons (Inner Mongolian Khorchin Folksong) ...2:56
09 - 天空 Sky (Inner Mongolian Ordos Folksong) ...4:19
10 - 登吉图陶海 Denjitutaohai (Inner Mongolian Ordos Folksong) ...4:11
11 - 苏伯岱 Subuodai (Tuvan Folksong) ...4:28
12 - 原野上鸣叫的稚鸟 Pheasants Singing In The Wilderness (Inner Mongolian Zhaowuda Folksong) ...3:26
13 - 牧马人 The Wrangler (Inner Mongolian Folksong) ...2:30

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