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[New Age, Piano] Makiko Hirohashi - Della - Music For Immune Activity (2014) [WAV]

Posted by Trung Tue on Sep 7, 2018 with 4 Comments
Makiko Hirohashi - Della - Music For Immune Activity (2014)
| WAV+CUE | 425MB | New Age, Piano | Jingo Records/Taiwan | Full Covers |
Immune strength with power to the extent that not only prevention of various illnesses but could cure cancer. Therapy CD developed by editorial supervision of the specialist in immunology in order to fully demonstrate the important "immune strength." It is urged to the relaxation of mind and body by listening to the fresh music mixed with natural sound, such as sound of water, and chirping of a little bird, and the balance of "autonomic nerves" with immunity and deep relation. If it is heard the time of mental fatigue, before a rest, etc., a relaxed effect will be heightened further and it will have good influence also on an immunological system. (Della.co.jp)

专辑名称:免疫力活性のための音楽 - 禦
专辑艺人:广桥真纪子 Makiko Hirohashi

01 - Get Better and Better ...6:10
02 - ベースコントロー儿 Base Control ...7:04
03 - 空にえがく无限大 Sora-ni Egaku Mugendai ...7:50
04 - つめもみわらべうた Tsume-momi Warabe-uta ...4:44
05 - 大地の息吹 Daichi-no Ibuki ...9:01
06 - ほどけゆく森 Hodokeyuku Mori ...7:23
07 - やわらかな光に包まれて Yawaraka-na Hikari-ni Tsutsumarete ...7:26
08 - 安息の时间 Ansoku-no Jikan ...8:55

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