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[Folk, Instrumental] Ma Jiuyue & Friends - Sounds Of China - The Spirit (聆听中国·精灵) (2019) (2CD) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Mar 30, 2019 with 1 Comments
Ma Jiuyue & Friends - Sounds Of China - The Spirit (聆听中国·精灵) (2CD)
| WAV+CUE | 562 MB | Folk, Traditional, Instrumental | Full Covers | 2019 |
Cohering ten year's discovery in the field of music, this album wants to bring you back to the Oriental land. With the melody of the "Moon Dance" lingering around from ten years ago, now comes "The Spirit" presented by Sounds of China.

Holding the sincerest craftsmanship, the 12 new pieces was revised over and over again eith the composer's best inspirations for a decade. A lot of top Chinese folk musicians joined together and devoted their enthusiasm and talents into this album with the purest Chinese folk music. After several times' touring in the United States and Europe, all works now come back as "Sounds of China - The Spirit". The album's cover is taking from the Imperial Roe Series "Chinese Royal Curiosa", which contains dignified, noble and historical significance, and accords with the charm and height of the album.

Ma Jiuyue (马久越), composer of the Central National Orchestra and one of the founders of China's new folk music.

Ma Jiuyue likes to pursue the fashionable, epochal music and interpret an international aesthetic in his own musical language. He creates a new and multidimensional music model from different cultures, different sounds and different kinds of music.
Through these works, people can appreciate the accumulation of Chinese culture in his heart and experience the impacts of new music from his unique persoective.

专辑名称:马久越作品 聆听中国·精灵 2CD

作曲 Composer:马久越 Ma Jiuyue
人声 Vocal:马久越 Ma Jiuyue
琵琶 Pipa:赵聪 Zhao Cong, 乔鹤 Qiao He, 方锦龙 Fan Jin-long, 于元春 Yu Yuan-chun
笛子 Dizi:丁晓逵 Ding Xiao-kui
笛箫/笛子 Dixiao/Dizi:王华 Wang Hua
笙 Sheng:凌博 Ling Bo
古筝 Guzheng: 赵洁楠 Zhao Jie-nan, 周桃桃 Zhou Tao-tao, 王瑶 Wang Yao, 王中山 Wang Zhong-shan
二胡 Erhu:张晔 Zhang Ye, 黄晓晴 Huang Xiao-qing, 邵禹 Shao Yu, 郭嘉琪 Guo Jia-qi, 邓建栋 Deng Jian-dong
中阮 Zhongruan: 邸扬 Di Yang
打击乐 Percussion:王佳男 Wang Jia-nan, 郑瑀 Zheng Yu
伴唱 Accompaniment:庞岩 Pang Yan, 杨蕾 Yang Lei

01 - 精灵 The Spirit ...7:21
02 - 反弹琵琶伎乐天 Flying Bodhisattva with Pipa ...7:20
03 - 轮回 Samsara ...5:37
04 - 情殇 Elege for Love ...9:16
05 - 面具 Mask ...5:58
06 - 蜀山 Shushan Mountain ...6:35

01 - 胡旋舞 Huxuan Dance ...4:07
02 - 流沙 Drifting Sands ...4:16
03 - 踏歌行 Walk as You Singing ...5:01
04 - 聆听 Listening ...7:08
05 - 在那遥远的地方 In a Faraway Fairyland ...6:05
06 - 玫瑰花 Rose ...4:57

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