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[Pipa Solo] Jiang Ting (蒋婷) - Dance (舞) (2005) [WAV]

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Jiang Ting (蒋婷) - Dance (舞) (2005)
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As with Jiang Ting's first recording, Dance was recorded in the same Italian church situated on a mountain in the countryside near the medieval town of Lucca. However, unlike her first album, which was recorded at 96 kHz, this new release was recorded at 176.4 kHz with 24 bit resolution technology. For this new recording as well, she acquired a new Pipa which is richer in harmonics.

"Dance" is the second album by Chinese Pipa virtuoso Jiang Ting. More accessible than her solo debut on MA ("Voice of the Pipa" - M061A), the album includes some of the most famous music in contemporary Chinese culture, including a unique duet arrangement of "The Olive Tree", the 1970's movie theme known to virtually every modern Chinese.

Finally, but just as important, is the guest appearance by Jia Pengfang, the famous Erhu/Chinese violin player who lives & concertizes in Japan.

01 彝族舞曲 Dance of the Yi Tribe
02 春雨 Spring Rain
03 橄榄树 The Olive Tree
04 三年 Three Years
05 火把节之夜 Night of the Fire Festival
06 寒鸦戏水 Jackdaw Playing in the Water
07 天山之春 Spring in Tianshan
08 明月千里寄相思 Expressing One’s Thoughts to the Moonlight
09 采茶舞曲 Tea Leaf Picking Dance
10 春江花月夜 Reflection of Spring Flowers in the Moonlit Lake

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