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[New Age, Piano] Yukiko Isomura - Crimson Waltz (緋のワルツ) (Chinese Version) (2020) [WAV]

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Yukiko Isomura - Crimson Waltz (緋のワルツ) (Chinese Version)
| WAV+CUE | 386MB | New Age, Piano, Erhu, Flute, Pipa, Instrumental | 2020 |
This album was released in September 2020 by Yukiko Isomura, a contemporary healing pianist from Japan. In this special Chinese edition, the pianist personally selected 12 classic tracks, re-arranging and recording them. Among these, six tracks, including "生命ある大地へ" (To a Land with Life), "舟歌" (Funauta), and "バラード" (Ballad), are being released in China for the first time.

The new versions feature collaborations with young musicians from China and Japan, including erhu player Zhou Ang, pipa player Jiang Ting, and shakuhachi player Gazan Watanabe. This cross-cultural collaboration between musicians from the two regions showcases the subtle and elegant charm of Eastern music, presenting a special gift to the Chinese audience.

Yukiko Isomura, on her first visit to China, composed "风居住的街道 (風の住む街)", marking the beginning of her connection with China. Her music incorporates the unique delicacy of Eastern women and is acclaimed as a healing masterpiece that nurtures the soul. Through the urban jungle, beyond the hazy moonlight, searching for the streets inhabited by the wind, all for a crimson waltz.

专辑名称:绯红华尔兹 (緋のワルツ)
演奏乐手:矶村由纪子 Yukiko Isomura

01 - 磯村由紀子/周昂 - 風の住む街(2020特别版) Street Where Wind Resides (feat. Zhou Ang) ...5:00
02 - 磯村由紀子/渡辺峨山 - 生命ある大地へ(2020特别版) To a Land with Life (feat. Gazan Watanabe) ...5:11
03 - 磯村由紀子/蒋婷 - 一滴の涙(2020特别版) A Tear Drop (feat. Jiang Ting) ...4:57
04 - 磯村由紀子/周昂 - 緋のワルツ(2020特别版) Crimson Waltz (feat. Zhou Ang) ...4:35
05 - 磯村由紀子/周昂 - 舟歌(2020特别版) Funauta (feat. Zhou Ang) ...4:18
06 - 磯村由紀子/渡辺峨山 - サクラ(2020特别版) Sakura (Cherry Blossom) (feat. Gazan Watanabe) ...4:59
07 - 磯村由紀子/渡辺峨山 - 砂漠に沈む陽(2020特别版) Sunsetting in the Desert (feat. Gazan Watanabe) ...6:06
08 - 磯村由紀子/周昂 - バラード(2020特别版) Ballad (feat. Zhou Ang) ...5:06
09 - 磯村由紀子/蒋婷 - 過去からの手紙(2020特别版) Letter from the Past (feat. Jiang Ting) ...3:59
10 - 磯村由紀子/周昂 - 夜明けの光(2020特别版) Light of Dawn (feat. Zhou Ang) ...4:37
11 - 磯村由紀子/周昂 - 二胡とダンス!(2020特别版) Erhu and Dance (feat. Zhou Ang) ...4:05
12 - 磯村由紀子 - 鼓動(2020特别版) Heartbeat ...4:43

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