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[Guzheng] Zhou Zhan - Repay A Soulmate With A Cup Of Refreshing Tea (2016) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Mar 21, 2017 with 1 Comments
Zhou Zhan - Repay A Soulmate With A Cup Of Refreshing Tea
| WAV+CUE | 348MB | Guzheng, Instrumental | Covers | 2016 |
The guzheng is a stringed plucked instrument with beautiful tones and rich expressiveness. With a long history, the guzheng's sound is clear, noble, elegant, melodious, colorful, and full of charm. Its gentle strokes resemble flowing clouds, while powerful sweeps evoke the roar of a landslide. The instrument's expressive range can delicately portray human emotions or vividly depict spectacular scenes. Whether it's tender and plaintive, passionate and stirring, or uplifting in song and chant, the guzheng can express it to perfection, earning it the nickname "the piano of the East" abroad.

"Repay A Soulmate With A Cup Of Refreshing Tea," a sip of pure and clear Zen tea, regardless of the weather, in every season. Sipping the tea quietly, it merges the essence of all things. All worldly gains and losses are but a play; without desire, without greed, sorrow disperses like clouds, and silence returns to dust. Let us, within the enchanting notes of this album, become intoxicated, inspired, and introspective; as we look back, amid the dreams in the flowers, the clear melody lingers, and kindred spirits are found.


01. 茶烟袅细香 Cha Yan Niao Xi Xiang
Trà Yên Niểu Tế Hương
02. 寂静欢喜 Ji Jing Huan Xi
Tịch Tĩnh Hoan Hỉ
03. 四时茶席 Si Shi Cha Xi
Tứ Thời Trà Tịch
04. 茶香里 Cha Xiang Li
Trà Hương Lí
05. 一盏清茗酬知音 Repay A Soulmate With A Cup Of Refreshing Tea
Nhất Trản Thanh Mính Thù Tri Âm
06. 茶影禅踪 Cha Ying Chan Zong
Trà Ảnh Thiền Tung
07. 独品知味 Du Pin Zhi Wei
Độc Phẩm Tri Vị
08. 谁共午瓯茶 Shui Gong Wu Ou Ch
Thùy Cộng Ngọ Âu Trà
09. 此去经年 Ci Qu Jing Nian
Thử Khứ Kinh Niên
10. 茶缘本色 Cha Yuan Ben Se
Trà Duyên Bản Sắc

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