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[Guzheng] Various Artists - Beloved Zheng Music (古筝情怀) (1997) (4CD) [APE]

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Various Artists - Beloved Zheng Music (古筝情怀) (1997) (4CD)
| APE+CUE | 1.04GB | Guzheng, Folk, Instrumental | WorldStar Records |

英文名称:Beloved Zheng Music
唱片出版:环星唱片 (WorldStar Records)

01.爱全为你 Ai Quan Wei Ni
02.昨日重现 Yesterday Once More
03.月亮河 Moon River
04.但愿你爱我 I Love You To Want Me
05.小白花 Edelweiss
06.追忆 Zhui Yi
07.有口难言 You Kou Nan Yan
08.你需要我 You Needed Me
09.史东尼 Stony
10.我心喜欢你 Wo Xin Xi Huan Ni
11.黄色小黄鹂鸟 Little Yellow Bird
12.事情 Thing
13.没可能的梦 Mei Ke Neng De Meng
14.凤凰城 Phoenix
15.心上人 You Are My Heart
16.你令我如重生 Ni Ling Wo Ru Zhong Sheng

01.雨中旋律 Rhythm Of The Rain
02.爱在你心口难开 More Than I Can Say
03.别在星期天 Never On Sunday
04.雨和泪 Rain And Tears
05.寻觅方向 Xun Mi Fang Xiang
06.以吻封缄 Sealed With A Kiss
07.狮子与我 Born Free
08.爱是忧郁 Love Is Blue
09.坦美 Tan Mei
10.随缘 Let It Be
11.我难以忘怀 Wo Nan Yi Wang Huai
12.丹尼小子 Danny Boy
13.西班牙眼睛 Spanish Eyes
14.世界末日 The End Of The World
15.永恒不变 Yong Heng Bu Bian
16.战国英雄 Tirant Lo Blanch

01.梁山伯与祝英台 Butterfly Lovers
02.平湖秋月 Autumn Moon On Calm Lake
03.春涧流泉 Spring Stream Flowing Down
04.出水莲 Lotus Out Of The Water
05.昭君怨 The Princess' Lament
06.寒鸦戏水 Jackdaw Playing In The Water
07.锈荷包 Xiu He Bao
08.粉蝶采花 The Pinky Butterflies Collected Honey On The Flowers
09.雪山春晓 Early Spring Jokul
10.月夜情歌 Penny Serenade
11.思凡 Black Narcissus
12.翡翠登潭 A Halcyon Skimmed Over The Deep Pool

01. 高山流水 High Mountain And Floating Water
02. 渔舟唱晚 Yu Zhou Chang Wan
03. 汉宫秋月 Han Gong Qiu Yue
04. 梅花三弄 Mei Hua San Nong
05. 西江月 Xi Jiang Yue
06. 西厢词 Xi Xiang Ci
07. 香山射鼓 Xiang Shan She Gu
08. 云庆 Yun Qing
09. 剪绽花 Jian Zhan Hua
10. 月儿高 Yue Er Gao
11. 单点头乱插花 Dan Dian Tou Luan Cha Hua
12. 和番 He Fan

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