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[Piano] Wang Wei - King Of Pianos 1-2 (万琴之王) (2006) [2CD] [WAV]

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Wang Wei - King Of Pianos 1-2 (万琴之王) (2006) [2CD]
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专辑名称:万琴之王 2CD

King Of Pianos 1 (万琴之王)
01. 被遺忘的時光 Time Forgotten
02. 新不了情 Unfruitful Love New Version
03. 缺口 Breach
04. 情人的眼淚 Lover's Tears
05. 月亮代表我的心 The Moon Represents My Heart
06. 落花流水 Fading Flower In The Flowing Water
07. 假如我是真的 If I Were Real
08. 千言万語 A Thousand Words Beyond
09. 親密愛人 My Darling Fiancee
10. 你的眼神 Expression In Your Eyes
11. 再見我的愛人 Goodbye, My Lover
12. 今宵多珍重 Special Regard Tonight

King Of Pianos 2 (万琴之王II)
01.为你钟情 Love For You Only
02.情已逝 Passed Away Romance
03.似水流年 Years To The Fleeting Waves
04.红茶馆 Teahouse la Rouge
05.风继续吹 The Wind Goes On
06.一起走过的日子 The Days Together
07.梨涡浅笑 Smile From The Dimples
08.季候风 Seasonal Storm
09.风再起时 When the Wind Blows Again
10.爱在深秋 Love In Fall
11.你的名字我的姓氏 Your Second Name & My Sir Name
12.偏偏喜欢你 Never Love Without You

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Wang Wei - King Of Pianos (万琴之王) (2006) [2CD] [WAV]
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